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Top-Rated Toronto Commercial TV Installation Company

At TV Mounting Solutions we take pride in delivering high-quality, fast, and efficient commercial TV wall mounting and installation services for businesses and organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of expert technicians has more than 10 years of experience in mounting both residential and commercial television units. We don’t hire third-party contractors who perform on a commission basis. Our electrical specialists are hired and trained in-house, so you can rest assured that you are getting gold standard output no matter how small or big your screen is.

Whether you’re setting up a commercial TV screen for menu display, marketing, announcement, or general aesthetic purposes, we can help you get it done fast and efficiently. TV Mounting Solutions offers custom TV installations that will satisfy your business’ needs. Our technical specialists are known to be extra-meticulous to ensure that each B2B project is completed according to code and with your design specifications in mind. No matter how big or small, few or many the screens you need to install, with TV Mounting Solutions you can consider the job done.

Are you installing dozens of commercial TVs across the office, school, or mall? Do you want your shopping complex to have digital signages mounted at high-traffic locations? Does your food business need touch screens and dynamic menus? Do your corporate headquarters need to have screens set up in elevators, hallways, reception areas, or even outdoors? You can count on TV Mounting Solutions to deliver.

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Solutions for every business need.

Pre-construction Consultation and Wiring

Whether you’re renovating your commercial space and adding new TVs or are building from scratch, having a professional AV technician will ensure that all devices and wires are installed according to Toronto safety codes. We provide efficient and fast wire concealment and infrastructure management solutions for your office and place of business.

Digital Menu

Restaurants and bars prefer digital menu boards to printed and painted ones because it allows them to easily switch their offerings up as needed. Digital signages are also a great way to showcase specific and time-based products, events, and promotions.

Wayfinding and Digital Directories

Malls and main offices typically have digital wayfinders near entrances or in strategic locations to help visitors find their way around the structure more easily. Such screens can also serve as directories, detailing business hours, brand descriptions, contact numbers, links to the official websites or social media pages, and many more.


You might need to install touch screens for self-order kiosks at restaurants or bars, or to provide customers with directional solutions at a mall or building. Such are also useful when you want to create a digital customer support service that answers frequently asked questions about your business or services.


Video walls consist of widescreen television units placed beside each other to create a single big screen. As placement and mounting are tricky, you will true experts who can get this complicated yet highly rewarding project done quickly and efficiently.

Ceiling Projector Installation

Whether you have a regular or drop ceiling, we can install your projectors, screens, and audio systems anywhere. Need guidance on the most optimal viewing angles and device locations? Our expert technicians are ready to help.


We are proud of our top-tier installation of static and dynamic digital signages, menu boards, announcement screens, video presentation systems and more. Our vast experience working with different industries in and outside of Canada enables us to provide guidance when it comes to the best possible positioning and distancing solutions suited for your business.

Professional Wire Concealment

Nobody likes to see random wires hanging from any digital installation. Not only are they unsightly, they are also potentially dangerous. We find ways to efficiently and safely conceal all cables so that you can appreciate your electronics and interiors’ aesthetics better.

Commercial TV Installation

Regardless of the industry you are in, we mount TVs and monitors on all commercial structures, including restaurants, bars, shopping centres, places of worship, corporate headquarters’, sports facilities, recreation centres, and more. Our AV specialists are highly-skilled in all manners of commercial screen installation.

Optimal Sound

We provide customized sound system installation to meet the demands of your entertainment area, presentation rooms, lecture halls, concert theatres, and similar structures. Our team is updated with the latest audio and video technologies in the market today. Do you have Sonos, 70v, Atmos, or other types of systems? No problem.

Conference Room

Do you need to build a professional space for meetings and training sessions? We can install all the video and sound systems, plus the computers and Wi-Fi networks, you need to build the perfect conference room.

In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speaker Installation

Want an efficient sound system but without cluttering your space with the actual devices? We install speakers in-ceiling or in-wall.

Why Choose TV Mounting Solutions

It is our goal at TV Mounting Solutions to always provide best-in-market and top-tier professional TV mounting solutions for commercial and residential clients. Our stable of expert AV technicians is equipped with the latest technology and know-how to deliver any kind of audio and video installation service you need to optimize your location.

More importantly, our people are fast, meticulous, and operate according to safety codes at all times. Our prices are the most competitive in the Toronto and Ontario markets, which is why TV Mounting Solutions is the most preferred partner for both residential and commercial TV Installation & Wall Mount Service In Toronto & GTA Wiring

Menu Board Installation

Benefits of Working With TV Mounting Solutions

Custom Video Wall

We have the most highly-skilled team. Our AV specialists aren’t just knowledgeable; they are experts in their fields. You can rest assured that you and your business are in good hands.

We value your satisfaction. Our main goal is to make you happy, and our technicians will ensure that no project is left behind without your seal of approval. Aside from your happiness, we also help you understand your new systems’ ins and outs, so that you can operate them seamlessly.

Your peace of mind is our priority. We want you to sleep at night knowing that everything has been installed well and work as promised every time. All of TV Mounting Solutions have a WSIB clearance (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

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