Video Walls Installation

TV Mounting Solutions offers full video wall installation services to homes and businesses across Toronto. You can count on us to create a customized solution tailor-made to your setup, infrastructure, hardware, and visual needs. We can handle the installation, any content creation, and we can ensure full reliable support. A video wall is made up of tiny LCDs aligned in any way you want to create a seamless display.


The benefits of a video wall are that you can have it set up any way you want. You can create a unique visual experience on a very flexible display system. It is entirely up to you how it all fits together. You can customize everything from how many total screens you have, to how the tiles are laid out, or even how huge you want it to be.

We can help set up an immerse and engaging visual experience for your clients, visitors, employees, customers, or just for yourself through a video wall that is compatible with smartphones and tablets for a seamless watching experience. 

Benefits of Video Walls

For Commercial

If you want to catch your customers’ eyes as soon as they enter your place of business, then you know you need to appeal to them with something visual. Nothing beats a live video, image. You can assemble a display area that can grow and shrink based on where you install it. If you have a large wall that welcomes customers, it can entirely become a display, or if you have a thin section, even that can become a video wall. You can even form random shapes if you want.

Once we help you set it up, it will appear indifferent from a regular LCD/LED display, seamless and high quality. We can ensure equalized colors and pixel density, regardless of scale or size.

For Home

The biggest advantage of having a video wall at home, other than the fact that it is extremely cool, is that you get a longer warranty. In commercial usage, the handling is expected to be rough, and it doesn’t take much to void one’s warranty. However, a home installation does not run such risks.

While commercial products are designed to be extremely functional, they usually don’t operate for longer than 8 hours at a time, however, home-based products aren’t bound by such limitations and can be used just as frequently as a TV.

Note: Please feel free to connect with us to discuss the specifics of your installation before making up your mind. 

Video Wall Features

Video walls have high pixel density, so you get high-quality images regardless of the display size or layout. A video wall easily integrates with any data source to put out real-time data for any application.

Need help with upgrading?

We have the experience, training, and knowledge of how to best mount your displays. We offer flexible or even multiple mounting systems to suit a variety of screen arrangements. So, give us a call and let us walk you through how to best put your video wall to use.

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