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We are projector installation experts and install all types of projectors and projector screens for residential and commercial environments in the Greater Toronto Area. This type of setup requires specific skills and knowledge to complete the project successfully and safely. We bring many years of experience to each task and take pride in our up-to-date techniques and technology to ensure that your equipment are installed correctly and according to your design specifications.

Our specialists will first conduct an in-person evaluation of your site to see the layout firsthand. This allows us to offer the best possible locations, angles, wiring plans, and devices that will work optimally for your space. Are you looking to build a man cave or turn your living room into a home entertainment haven, or are you planning to upgrade your boardroom and conference areas? We have the right professionals and tools to get this done.

Office Projector Installation

When your office frequently gathers for meetings and presentations, having a projector built-into your conference area is a big plus. It will be so much easier for everybody to see and understand your work with enlarged visuals. Because a projector is typically compact and mountable, it will take up only minimal space in your office. In addition, projectors are designed to adjust to rooms to be installed in multiple positions and still produce high-quality visuals.

Mounting a projector and projector screen in a commercial or corporate setting will typically have contractors working with drop or tiled ceilings. This means that additional support and special types of projector mounts will be needed. We can draw support from the building’s structure itself, located just above the ceiling drop, or use specific hardware if your ceiling has tiles instead. Whatever your space’s existing structure is, we can provide the support and reinforcement required, including wire concealment options for projector installation, to safely mount your device and its compatible screen.

Home Theatre Projector Installation

Entertainment occupies a significant and necessary part of our everyday life, so investing in a good quality projector at home will bring joy to you and the entire family. By setting up a home theatre system, everybody sees their favourite programs and movies in better quality and on larger screens. The list of benefits from having your very own projector and projector screens at home is long.

At TVmounting solution we ensure that your home viewing experience is always delightful. We assess your location carefully and provide recommendations on the best and safest ways to mount your devices and conceal those unsightly wires and cables. You are then left with a fully equipped home theatre environment that aligns with your interior’s theme. We are very proud of our installation specialists and design team because they work closely with clients to deliver the most optimal possible experience.

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