What is sound calibration?

True audiophiles aren’t content with whatever passes for high fidelity audio in the mainstream market. Audiophiles understand that all audio listening experiences can significantly improve with the right calibration.

While most installation service providers are perfectly satisfied with hooking up your audio video hardware and calling it a day, a good installation requires optimal sound calibration. The reason sound systems sound so great in shops and not so great at home is because the shop installs audio keeping in mind the acoustics of the area, how many objects are in the room, if there is any interference, what kind of wiring is used, and how effectively is the amplifier set up.

Sound calibration can encompass everything from where your sound system is placed, to how it is wired, all the way to how the software and settings are configured in relation to where it is installed. Any kind of speaker system can be calibrated, be it a 5.1, a 7.1, regular stereo, you name it.

Which Types of Sound Systems We Calibrate

We can help you set up and calibrate literally any brand, and any type of sound system for any application. We can help you install and calibrate the following:

  • 1 home theater speaker system, complete with wiring, and configuration.
  • Mоunt lоudѕреаkеrѕ in-сеiling оr in-wа
  • Mоving audio/video gear to a different room, area, or even entirely new address.
  • Audiо/vidео rесеivеr set up and саlibrаtiо
  • Cаlibrаtе A/V rесеivеr levels.
  • We can even help you set up rotation for up to 180 degree.
  • Deciding on which mounts to use.
  • Quаlitу оf wiring.
  • Sреаkеr роwеr handling rating.
  • A/V rесеivеr rаtеd output.
  • Rооm асоuѕtiсѕ.
  • Sub-woofer placement, power handling.

and so much more…

We are experts in Sound Calibration

If you reside in Toronto or any of the surround areas, we can help you set up your sound system. We can help you set up your speaker system in any room, office, man cave, configuration that you want. Our installation is carried out by experts who understand and appreciate the quality expectations of even the most dedicated audiophiles and can configure to their satisfaction.

We understand the difference between installation of a sound system in an open environment vs a small, enclosed space (which is trickier) and what quality of wiring is being used and how it is set up with your system. We have installed and configured hundreds of systems in your area and we will be proud to take care of your audio system installation as well.

Benefits of sound calibration

A home theater can have the highest quality display known to man but will fall flat if the audio doesn’t match the video quality. You can’t just piece a bunch of equipment together and expect it to output great audio. When you have assembled everything properly, then you have to make sure that all the settings are correct in correlation to your gear and that it reproduces material exactly as it was intended.

Even if your sound equipment isn’t top of the line, calibration can compensate for variations in sound quality brought about by equipment itself. Calibration can also help you overcome environmental factors, e.g., if you are in a noisy area, or in a really quiet area, then you need to have a sound system that will deliver quality despite surroundings. Taking into account your room acoustics, seating location, speaker placement, and the amount of ambient sound, you can have some amazing audio blasting your way.

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