Why do you need

TV installation setups in commercial applications require a degree of precision, coverage, efficiency, and aesthetics that change from business to business. As each business has its kind of customers, with their own unique viewing needs, we at TV Mounting solutions can facilitate that installation in any way you like.

If your business operates in Toronto, you can trust us to help you with any mounting, unmounting, shifting, transporting, cabling, pre-cabling, re-cabling, laying out, configuration, and/or installing the whole thing from scratch. We have highly trained, very experienced, and dedicated professionals who want to help you achieve the best possible result with your service possible.


We pride ourselves on being experts in TV installation in any kind of commercial space. It could be in a mall, a waiting room, a shop, an airport, or anything else, and our people will be able to help you with your wall mounting needs. 

Benefits from correct TV installation

A TV installation needs to be done correctly, and not DIY, especially in an office environment. One wrong move and the entire setup could come falling apart. That is why improper setups are neither efficient nor are they very effective. If you are looking for a long-term TV installation, you need to get it done correctly, lest it falls apart at a professionally embarrassing moment.

WiFi & network setup

A modern office, especially if you have teams working remotely, needs reliable WiFi and network setup. This is to prevent any packet loss during file transfers, we don’t need voices cutting out during web conferences, and we definitely don’t want any downtime due to technical difficulties. You can rely on us to install your WiFi and network to seamlessly connect your entire workspace.

Wire concealment

A job well done is a job that cannot be seen. If you have wires thrown behind your electronics only to pop out at random, then that is not wire concealment, that is simply brushing the problem under the rug. We don’t believe in brushing anything under rugs. We want to do such a job that you never have to worry about any wiring becoming visible at any time.

Why Us?

We staff a team of highly trained, experienced, and smart people who have your best interest at heart. We are highly motivated to give you the highest possible quality of service and give you a lasting installation experience.

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